Antti Jääskeläinen

Director Sales

A seasoned sales and management professional, with experience in varied industries around the world. I have worked in different management and sales positions, leading multinational and geographically separated teams. I have demonstrated a tremendous ability to support and maintain numerous operational businesses, leading from the front, developing and implementing strategic business plans, significantly expanding business opportunities, and managing all bottom-line factors to maximize efficiency and realize substantial revenue growth. I am a problem solver and a manifestation of ‘Lets do it’ attitude.

My expertise also includes overseeing all client interactions, managing sales staff, analyzing effectiveness statistics, and reporting to C-level officers and board members. I have thorough understanding of all aspects of the sales cycle, and experience handling high-ticket, multi-year contracts. I am an avid technologist and taking advantage of technology is one of my greatest strengths.


Sales and marketing, Project Management, Operations, Technology Management, Team Management, Leadership

Technology Domains

Mobile Applications, Software development, Logistics, Healthcare